CAT Verbal Question : Text Completion

Given below are 3 interesting questions on Text Completion 

Direction : For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.

Question 1:

More often than not, mothers are ____________ for oddities of behavior in their offspring. ____________, single mothers’ children, raised even in the most difficult of times, do not display ‘outrageous’ patterns of behavior, as do those of nuclear families.
Blank (1)Blank (2)
blamedIn the same manner
praisedInterestingly enough

Question 2:

In measuring electrical activity in different parts of the brain, researchers found that people who describe themselves as generally happy have more activity in the left prefrontal lobe of their brains than do other people. Therefore, a medication for ____________ the left prefrontal lobe of the brain would be an ____________ treatment for clinical depression.
Blank (1)Blank (2)

Question 3:

Researchers found that when people's hands were crossed to other side of their bodies, it confused the brain by ____________ the processing of information incoming from multiple regions. Lead researcher says the confusion results from a ____________ between the brain's external mapping of where it normally assumes the hands will be (on the appropriate side of the body) and its internal map of the physical source of the new pain information.
Blank (1)Blank (2)

Answers are given below :
Answer for question 1: 
Blank (1): Second sentence is crucial. Second sentence gives evidence that single mothers are better at managing kids, so they cannot be blamed for anything.
Blank (2): We can eliminate ‘consequently’ and ‘in the same manner’ since they don’t logically fit.
Correct Answer: blamed, Interestingly enough.
Answer for question 2:
Blank (1): If people are happy, why should we suppress that lobe?
Blank (2): We are discussing some new insight; the discussion is towards finding something that will work.
Correct Answer: stimulating, effective
Answer for question 3:
Blank (1): You cannot transmit the processing of info.
Blank (2): confusion cannot arise out of alignment.
Correct Answer: interrupting, misalignment